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Heléna Antonio
Actress & Filmmaker
I tell stories through my eyes


About me

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Welcome to my page!
My name is Heléna, I was born in Como (a beautiful little city in Italy).
I have grown up between Italy and Spain and I have always been very creative.
Even painting the walls of the house with a strong green marker and drawing animals on my parents’ blanket.
Oh, and I always loved films.

I grown up, and after a few smaller projects, I found myself on set with Julio Medem, filming on different locations through Spain and thinking: ‘This is where I want to be.
I want to make films.’
I have been lucky enough to be directed also by Film Directors Tony Kaye and Maria Ripoll.
I have learnt a lot from them.

In 2015, I moved to London, where I kept studying, discovering the Meisner Technique.
I then starred in the Feature Films ‘Sunburn’ (where I played the lead role of Lucia), and ‘Heckle’, playing Laura, alongside Steve Gutenberg.
You can find them on Amazon Prime and other platforms.

One of my recent projects, ‘Tutti a bordo’, a Feature Film directed by Golden Globe winning director Luca Miniero, will be at the Cinemas from the 29th of September 2022.

Have a look at my IMDb profile for a whole list of projects.

I genuinely love what I do, I am intrigued by discovering new characters and giving life to them.
I get totally lost into the process.
You will understand what I mean when you see my work.

In 2021 I made my debut behind the camera, with ‘2020’, a short film also screened at the Venice Film Festival, which received the ‘Best Short Film’ award at the 72th edition of the Montecatini Film Festival, along with other awards and very positive reviews.

I work in English, Italian and Spanish and I am currently London based, where I am writing and developing new projects.

I am always excited to read new stories and get involved in new films; if you wish to work with me, do get in touch and I will happily get back to you.




Let's talk

For enquiries, please use the details below.


Direct Contact:

Agent (Uk): ML International Talent

Office: +44 (0) 203 662 0156

Agent (Italy): Promoter Artist

Office:+39 06 3217170

Mobile: +39 335 8173618

Agent (Spain): Mucho Arte Management

Mobile: +34 670842888

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